How does the panel hot press lamination process achieve rapid ramp-up?

Time:2023-05-31 05:40:17

With the rapid development of the panel furniture industry, more and more families are using man-made panels to make custom furniture, and there are high and low prices of ecological panels on the market. The price of man-made panels depends on the raw materials used (such as cores, finishing papers, adhesives, glue boards), and also has a great relationship with the veneer technology used.

  Generally, melamine veneer paper is commonly used in the processing process is the hot pressing process, however, it should be noted that in the hot pressing process, there are three elements of the process will have an impact on its final effect. These three factors are the time of hot pressing, the temperature of hot pressing and the appropriate pressure.

  Three elements of the hot pressing process for laminates

 Hot pressing time: its length depends on the melamine resin curing speed and hot pressing temperature, generally in 40 ~ 50s for good. Too long a time will cause the resin to cure excessively and lose its proper elasticity, which will easily cause cracks or inherent stress to the product and make it crack and warp during the subsequent processing. Too short a time, the resin curing is not sufficient, easy to produce the phenomenon of sticky board, and affect the physical and chemical functions of the product surface, affecting the durability of the product.

  Hot pressing temperature: It is mainly to catalyze the chemical reaction of melamine resin, that is, to accelerate the curing. According to the actual requirements of production and the author's experience, the temperature of the hot pressing board is more suitable at 145-165℃. The high temperature helps to release the mold after pressing and paste, and can shorten the hot pressing period, improve production, but too high a temperature so that the resin does not flow evenly that curing, resulting in the board surface has a small porosity.

  Suitable pressure: It can ensure a good union between the substrate and melamine paper. Under the action of suitable temperature and pressure, the resin in melamine paper melts and cures to form a closed and dense surface, which can also fill the tiny pores on the surface of the substrate that are not calm. And in the pressure is generally 2.0-3.0MPa, under the premise of not affecting the quality of the product, the pressure should be as low as possible, so that the equipment, the service life of the hydraulic oil, the intrinsic structure of the substrate are beneficial. However, too low pressure affects the bond strength and resin flow ability of the substrate and melamine paper.

In addition, the pressure boosting technology is an important factor that affects the machine operating cycle and product production efficiency of the whole equipment line. According to overseas experience data of the same industry veneer process, each 0.1s extension of the ramp-up time, the time of plate hot pressing is roughly 1s longer.

  Melamine paper veneer PK wood veneer

  The veneer on the surface of panel furniture is becoming more and more realistic, with a wide range of patterns and fashionable styles. On the current market, the veneer of panel furniture is mainly based on paper veneer, veneer, baking paint, crystal board, fireproof board, molded board and other six materials. Take melamine paper veneer as an example, let's see its advantages!

  Melamine paper veneer

  Advantages: The pro-people index is extremely high and the price is quite affordable. It has a rich color pattern and has been soaked in melamine resin solution in the air without volatility, making furniture panels are not easy to deformation, good corrosion and wear resistance.

  Plate hot pressing veneer process

  Disadvantages: sealing at the edge is easy to deglue, and the surface is only flat shape can not do the concave and convex effect.

  Suitable objects: the shape of the aesthetic requirements of the budget is not much pursuit of practical-oriented minimalist style.


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