Tips to prevent deformation of wooden doors

Time:2023-05-31 05:43:14

How to do a good job of maintenance of wooden doors after the new house renovation, house interior decoration when the choice of wooden doors is good? Now many homes will choose to install wooden doors, so you know how to care for wooden doors will not be deformed? Today brings the relevant content, I hope you do not miss.

Heating season wood doors are most likely to dry and crack, because the indoor humidity is very low. The common approach is to buy a humidifier placed indoors, other can also arrange a pot of water probably more arrangements for indoor moisture such as greenery, prosperous bamboo and other plants. However, we should also be careful to stop excessive humidification, even if the humidifier is placed in a breathable, moderate light place, to prevent the humidifier directly on the indoor wooden doors directly arranged, probably forever using the humidifier. Usually heating period using humidifiers to connect the room humidity between 40%-60% is appropriate.

Many heating better family, because the indoor temperature is too high, every day, the city perpetual ventilation, many people wrongly think that the winter window ventilation, indoor temperature drop, wooden door gap signs naturally weaken. In fact, the higher the temperature of the atmosphere, the more saturated state contains water, that is, the winter humidity in the house is relatively high outdoor. The real reason for the indoor wooden door gap from the humidity, not temperature, this time open the window ventilation will only be the surface of the cold atmosphere to change in, so that the interior more and more dry.

Due to the characteristics of the dry climate, the more fragile wood, coupled with the heating of the baking, wood guess in a large amount of moisture dissipation, the texture becomes loose, usually strong wooden door is probably in the clean when it is convenient to scratch. Therefore, when sweeping hygiene, just do not use sharp clean things to touch the surface of the wood. Usually be careful about the conditioning of wooden doors, do not let the solid metal finished products or other sharp objects collision wooden doors, in order to cover its surface does not appear hard injury.


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