Wooden door color and wall color matching rules

Time:2023-05-31 05:47:07

"There is no such thing as a bad color, only a bad match" ------- Van Gogh

When we see color, it is not just a mere physical necessity, but expresses more of a mood. It is an emotional language that expresses the extremely complex feelings within people.

When we say color matching usually refers to the colors in painting, red, yellow and blue are its three primary colors, and different color matching has a great impact on people's emotions and moods. Similarly, in the home color matching is also particularly important, color will directly or indirectly affect the emotional, mental and heart activities of people. The different color combinations, people in the space will produce the corresponding emotions and moods.

We are in the home improvement time, selected home decoration style at the same time, often ignore the choice of wooden doors decoration, wooden doors should be how to choose it?

Look at the material

Wooden doors are divided into a variety of materials: sapele, cherry, teak, black walnut, red oak, beech, mahogany, etc.. There are solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, molded doors and other points, solid wood doors are made entirely of natural wood, but the price is higher, the stability is not strong.

Solid wood composite door is a variety of wood panel composite materials for splicing, not only good-looking, and environmentally friendly and durable, strong insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant, very high cost performance. And it has a variety of shapes. We can choose according to their favorite style to meet our, decoration style of wooden doors. So generally choose solid wood composite doors will be better. Molded door is relatively low grade, the price is also relatively low, but the disadvantages are also more, although the shape can be diverse, but we choose to buy a little to pay attention to its quality issues, do not be the appearance of the wood door ignore the essence.

Look at the environmental protection

Selection of wooden doors must smell whether there is a pungent smell, open the closed door, smell, if there is, it means that formaldehyde may not meet the level of national standards, try to avoid buying. Secondly, look at whether the seller has quality inspection qualification report, etc., must ensure that the environmental safety of the wooden doors bought.

Look at the style

Wooden door styling style must be and the overall consistency of home style, and home in the soft furnishing style consistent, the integration between the shape and style, but also derived from the different effects. For example: home style is simple Europe, the choice of wooden doors should also be based on simple Europe, the color can be matched with light colors. Before the decoration, the overall decoration style should be positioned as well as the choice of materials selected, must be seen after the comparison of the choice, whether expensive or not, the best for their own.

Look at the tone

When the room for warm tones: warm tones generally refers to brown, yellow, red, etc., wood door material selection of dark colors, such as: purple Weiwei, cherry, teak, sapele, etc.. In the overall atmosphere of the match will produce a very warm, comfortable, lively feeling.

When the room is cool: cool colors are generally blue, green, gray, etc., wood door material can choose light colors, such as: mixed oil white, birch, white oak, etc.. But the overall match should not be too depressing, to play a sense of calm and stability. Can be embellished with its bright elements to increase the contrast of the interior.



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