• Wooden door color and wall color matching rules "There is no such thing as a bad color, only a bad match" ------- Van GoghWhen we see color, it is not just a mere physical necessity, but expresses more of a mood. It is an emotional language that expresses the extremely complex feelings within people.When we say color matching usually refers to the colors in painting, red, yellow and blue are its three primary colors, and different color matching has a great impact on people's emotions and moods. Similarly, in the home color matching is also particularly important, color will directly or indirectly affect the emotional, mental and heart activities of people. The different color combinations, people in the space will produce the corresponding emotions and moods.We are in the home improvement time, selected home decoration style at the same time, often ignore the choice of wooden doors decoration, wooden doors should be how to choose it?Look at the materialWooden doors are divided into a variety of materials: sapele, cherry, teak, black walnut, red oak, beech, mahogany, etc.. There are solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, molded doors and other points, solid wood doors are made entirely of natural wood, but the price is higher, the stability is not strong.Solid wood composite door is a variety of wood panel composite materials for splicing, not only good-looking, and environmentally friendly and durable, strong insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant, very high cost performance. And it has a variety of shapes. We can choose according to their favorite style to meet our, decoration style of wooden doors. So generally choose solid wood composite doors will be better. Molded door is relatively low grade, the price is also relatively low, but the disadvantages are also more, although the shape can be diverse, but we choose to buy a little to pay attention to its quality issues, do not be the appearance of the wood door ignore the essence.Look at the environmental protectionSelection of wooden doors must smell whether there is a pungent smell, open the closed door, smell, if there is, it means that formaldehyde may not meet the level of national standards, try to avoid buying. Secondly, look at whether the seller has quality inspection qualification report, etc., must ensure that the environmental safety of the wooden doors bought.Look at the styleWooden door styling style must be and the overall consistency of home style, and home in the soft furnishing style consistent, the integration between the shape and style, but also derived from the different effects. For example: home style is simple Europe, the choice of wooden doors should also be based on simple Europe, the color can be matched with light colors. Before the decoration, the overall decoration style should be positioned as well as the choice of materials selected, must be seen after the comparison of the choice, whether expensive or not, the best for their own.Look at the toneWhen the room for warm tones: warm tones generally refers to brown, yellow, red, etc., wood door material selection of dark colors, such as: purple Weiwei, cherry, teak, sapele, etc.. In the overall atmosphere of the match will produce a very warm, comfortable, lively feeling.When the room is cool: cool colors are generally blue, green, gray, etc., wood door material can choose light colors, such as: mixed oil white, birch, white oak, etc.. But the overall match should not be too depressing, to play a sense of calm and stability. Can be embellished with its bright elements to increase the contrast of the interior.
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  • Tips to prevent deformation of wooden doors How to do a good job of maintenance of wooden doors after the new house renovation, house interior decoration when the choice of wooden doors is good? Now many homes will choose to install wooden doors, so you know how to care for wooden doors will not be deformed? Today brings the relevant content, I hope you do not miss.Heating season wood doors are most likely to dry and crack, because the indoor humidity is very low. The common approach is to buy a humidifier placed indoors, other can also arrange a pot of water probably more arrangements for indoor moisture such as greenery, prosperous bamboo and other plants. However, we should also be careful to stop excessive humidification, even if the humidifier is placed in a breathable, moderate light place, to prevent the humidifier directly on the indoor wooden doors directly arranged, probably forever using the humidifier. Usually heating period using humidifiers to connect the room humidity between 40%-60% is appropriate.Many heating better family, because the indoor temperature is too high, every day, the city perpetual ventilation, many people wrongly think that the winter window ventilation, indoor temperature drop, wooden door gap signs naturally weaken. In fact, the higher the temperature of the atmosphere, the more saturated state contains water, that is, the winter humidity in the house is relatively high outdoor. The real reason for the indoor wooden door gap from the humidity, not temperature, this time open the window ventilation will only be the surface of the cold atmosphere to change in, so that the interior more and more dry.Due to the characteristics of the dry climate, the more fragile wood, coupled with the heating of the baking, wood guess in a large amount of moisture dissipation, the texture becomes loose, usually strong wooden door is probably in the clean when it is convenient to scratch. Therefore, when sweeping hygiene, just do not use sharp clean things to touch the surface of the wood. Usually be careful about the conditioning of wooden doors, do not let the solid metal finished products or other sharp objects collision wooden doors, in order to cover its surface does not appear hard injury.
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  • How does the panel hot press lamination process achieve rapid ramp-up? With the rapid development of the panel furniture industry, more and more families are using man-made panels to make custom furniture, and there are high and low prices of ecological panels on the market. The price of man-made panels depends on the raw materials used (such as cores, finishing papers, adhesives, glue boards), and also has a great relationship with the veneer technology used.  Generally, melamine veneer paper is commonly used in the processing process is the hot pressing process, however, it should be noted that in the hot pressing process, there are three elements of the process will have an impact on its final effect. These three factors are the time of hot pressing, the temperature of hot pressing and the appropriate pressure.  Three elements of the hot pressing process for laminates Hot pressing time: its length depends on the melamine resin curing speed and hot pressing temperature, generally in 40 ~ 50s for good. Too long a time will cause the resin to cure excessively and lose its proper elasticity, which will easily cause cracks or inherent stress to the product and make it crack and warp during the subsequent processing. Too short a time, the resin curing is not sufficient, easy to produce the phenomenon of sticky board, and affect the physical and chemical functions of the product surface, affecting the durability of the product.  Hot pressing temperature: It is mainly to catalyze the chemical reaction of melamine resin, that is, to accelerate the curing. According to the actual requirements of production and the author's experience, the temperature of the hot pressing board is more suitable at 145-165℃. The high temperature helps to release the mold after pressing and paste, and can shorten the hot pressing period, improve production, but too high a temperature so that the resin does not flow evenly that curing, resulting in the board surface has a small porosity.  Suitable pressure: It can ensure a good union between the substrate and melamine paper. Under the action of suitable temperature and pressure, the resin in melamine paper melts and cures to form a closed and dense surface, which can also fill the tiny pores on the surface of the substrate that are not calm. And in the pressure is generally 2.0-3.0MPa, under the premise of not affecting the quality of the product, the pressure should be as low as possible, so that the equipment, the service life of the hydraulic oil, the intrinsic structure of the substrate are beneficial. However, too low pressure affects the bond strength and resin flow ability of the substrate and melamine paper.In addition, the pressure boosting technology is an important factor that affects the machine operating cycle and product production efficiency of the whole equipment line. According to overseas experience data of the same industry veneer process, each 0.1s extension of the ramp-up time, the time of plate hot pressing is roughly 1s longer.  Melamine paper veneer PK wood veneer  The veneer on the surface of panel furniture is becoming more and more realistic, with a wide range of patterns and fashionable styles. On the current market, the veneer of panel furniture is mainly based on paper veneer, veneer, baking paint, crystal board, fireproof board, molded board and other six materials. Take melamine paper veneer as an example, let's see its advantages!  Melamine paper veneer  Advantages: The pro-people index is extremely high and the price is quite affordable. It has a rich color pattern and has been soaked in melamine resin solution in the air without volatility, making furniture panels are not easy to deformation, good corrosion and wear resistance.  Plate hot pressing veneer process  Disadvantages: sealing at the edge is easy to deglue, and the surface is only flat shape can not do the concave and convex effect.  Suitable objects: the shape of the aesthetic requirements of the budget is not much pursuit of practical-oriented minimalist style.
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  • How to maintain solid wood doors? Anything has a shelf life, home solid wood doors are no exception, there is also a service life, many people are studying how to extend the service life of wooden doors? In fact, it is also very simple, as long as more care in the daily wooden doors, you can also extend the life of wooden doors. So, solid wood doors how to do a good job of daily maintenance?  1, remove the solid wood door surface stains, using soft cotton cloth wipe, with a hard part is easy to scratch the surface. Stains are too heavy to use neutral detergent toothpaste or furniture cleaning agent, to stain and then dry wipe, do not rinse with water.  2, pay attention to soaked in neutral reagent or water rags do not place in the solid wood door surface for a long time, otherwise it will dip the surface so that the surface finish material discoloration or peeling.  3, pay attention to the corners of the solid wood doors do not rub too much, otherwise it will cause the corners paint off.  4, note that solid wood doors can not have strong acid or strong alkali chemicals intrusion, otherwise it is easy to lead to paint off or even wood decay.  5, the hinge lock is a movable accessory, should be tightened immediately when loose, the hinge position should be timely attention, lock open inflexible to the keyhole to add an appropriate amount of pencil core end, not just inject oil.  6, because the wood has the characteristics of dry shrinkage and wet expansion, in the case of large differences in temperature and humidity, such as a slight cracking or shrinkage, which is a normal natural phenomenon, with the seasonal changes in this phenomenon will disappear naturally.  7, in order to maintain the bright color of solid wood doors, should be regularly waxed for its maintenance.
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